The first flight of Golf-Air from Bahrain landed today at Ben Gurion Airport today. After taxing to the terminal, the pilots surprised us and opened the cockpit windows, stood with their upper bodies outside the cockpit, and the captain waved a large Israeli flag, and the sub-squadron waved the Bahrain flag

Inside the terminal, Tal Aviation held a reception for dignitaries who arrived on the maiden flight

 The Deputy CEO of the Ministry of Tourism of Bahrain, Ms. Faima Jaffer Al Sairafi, said she is excited to arrive in Israel because of the significance of turning peace agreements from words into deeds. "I am inviting you and all Israelis to visit our island," she said. "We have many tourist attractions, as well as special opportunities for Israeli travelers."        i

Golf Air CEO, Captain Walid Al-Alawi, said: “Today we are making history by connecting the countries and peoples of Bahrain and Israel. I thank the aviation authorities in Bahrain and Israel for allowing the new route to open". He discovered that the Airbus 320 aircraft had only recently joined the Golf Air fleet, and he decided to operate them on the new route to Israel as well

Host Gideon Tahler, CEO and owner of Tal Aviation, which represents Golf Air in Israel, said Israeli travelers are known for their search for new destinations around the world, and the new line to Manama is well suited to meet that demand. I hope for a significant increase on this line in the coming months, inshallah"    i

The director general of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, Amir Halevi, said in his blessing that the Ministry of Tourism is campaigning to bring tourists from the Gulf countries to us. "Israel offers a lot of tourist sites to Muslims. About a quarter of Israelis speak Arabic, and kosher restaurants in Israel are very suitable for halal-eating Muslims. Therefore, tourists from Bahrain can feel at home with us".    i

After the greeting speeches, a gift exchange ceremony was held. The delegation from Bahrain gave gifts to the Israeli celebrities who were at the ceremony, and the Israelis rewarded them with gifts. Afterwards, the ribbon cutting ceremony was held

The flight back to Bahrain, which took off in the afternoon, was also joined by Israeli journalists, who will be guests of the Bahraini Ministry of Tourism this week

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